The wedding is the most special type of event, everything is intimate and personal, and we understand very well this important detail! All you must do is trust that with us every wish is fulfilled, and we will always find the most suitable options for your wedding to be unforgettable, both for you and for all participants. Because we like challenges, we accept that your wedding is truly unique, so we expect you to arouse our imagination and everything will be built with you: menu, d├ęcor, set-up room, program or even the whole concept!

We provide you in the standard package: lounge with a capacity of up to 140 people depending on the chosen set-up, sliding windows and terrace area with standing tables, bar area, sound system, lighting system, tablecloths on request, complete set-up including napkin and support plates, own parking within 50 seats , dedicated event manager.

On request we can handle cake, candy bar, floral arrangements, printable for meals, tight outdoor ceremonies, artists, photo both and any other services you want.

With the same involvement and attention to detail, our consultants dedicate themselves to all the special events in your life: engagement, anniversary, birthday party and much more.
Tapo experts have found in their 5 years of experience the right answer to make thousands of customers happy, and this is just a „small” detail that proves their experience, efficiency and professionalism.
At Tapo the team is totally involved, is creative, offers solutions regardless of unforeseen situations, respects desires and exceeds expectations.